I was walking through a shopping centre and there was one of those stands, the VIP brand and lad in it was looking bored sh.tless so I just asked if they were any good. He said to try some so I did and was surprised at how decent it was so I bought a kit there and then without any research or knowledge. I took it home with 10ml of juice and started vaping away. Anyway the next day the battery ran out so while it was charging I rolled up an Amber Leaf and was honestly disgusted at the taste and smell and immediately threw the lot in the bin. While it was charging I Googled vaping and found this forum with loads of good advice on kit and juices so went on a bit of a shopping spree, ordering an Evod 2 and some HOL juices -the VIP did me until they arrived and I was blown away at the quality! From there I started ordering samples from some of the vendors on here and have since purchased an Aspire Nautilus Min with a variable voltage battery. So the position I am in now is using the Aspire for my ADV kit with Hanseng USA mix and keeping the Evod for when I go to the pub with the HOL stuff in it as it is lovely with a pint but heavy on the coils and the Evod ones are really cheap, plus the fact I am a bit self conscious still about the size of the Aspire when out – I am now on a self imposes nicotine wind down plan reducing the strength with each monthly order of juice.
I feel better, my morning hacking cough has completely gone, my mates wife told me my skin looks great and I really am proud of myself having smoked heavily for over 40 years and having found vaping almost by accident I wish I had found it years ago.
The help and support of fellow vapers on here has only strengthened my resolve to stay off analogues for ever.
I have also converted 2 of my friends over to it, one of who I gave the VIP kit to, and both of their girlfriends are delighted that I persuaded them to give it a go. (One is having great success and the other still has a cheeky Marlbro when down the pub)

So vaping is not just about being a crutch to give up a habit, it can also influence friends to do it, which must be beneficial.