Got offered the opportunity to try an ecig when getting a job at an e-liquid manufacturer in 2013. I started on an Ego and CE4 kit and within a few days I was smokefree. I did have a couple of relapses in the 1st few months but now I have found my ideal device combination and have been completely smoke free for nearly 3 years. I currently use a high wattage mod with a sub-ohm tank.

I tried many times to quit but didnt use any NRT after hearing strange side effects so I went cold turkey. I have mainly stopped smoking before due to not having much money as a student but compensated by eating. I took up smoking again when I got money from either work or student loan.

Since stopping smoking, my asthma has come under control so much that I only require any medication in the winter time. I have also noticed that my annual cold or flu has not happend. I could say the only negative side-effect is mild weight gain.