Why did I start vaping?

Well, since I have no ‚minor‘ vices (just major ones) it wasn’t to stop smoking. It was simply because I became curious to know what vaping was about and thought that the best way of finding out was to try it.

How long have I been a vaper?

A couple of weeks.

Am I a smoker, an ex-smoker, or a non smoker?

I smoked a pipe for 20 years but gave it up many years ago.

How has vaping affected me?

I can once again enjoy kicking back, relaxing, and puffing out lovely flavorful swirling clouds of ’smoke‘, except that this ’smoke‘ doesn’t get in my eyes and isn’t going to transport me to a more spiritual dimension, one I’m in no hurry to get to as I suspect it may be rather hot.

Vaping has also led me to this great forum and has given me an interesting new hobby to enjoy by opening up the fascinating field of attys, atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, coils, cells, drip tips, mods, box mods, mech mods, regulated mods, unregulated mods, tanks, PVs, APVs, RBAs, RDAs, RDTAs, PG, VG, juices, flavors, etc., etc.*

To conclude, let me pirate a fine line from Spasmod by saying:

„Welcome to the joys of ‚where the hell am I going to get this stuff from?'“