Around six years ago, out of the blue and after feeling remarkably unwell, I was told I had developed diabetes type 1. I was kept in hospital for nearly 24 hours as doctors and nurses filled me with fluids and I tried to process exactly what it meant to be insulin dependent for the rest of my life. I was still a young guy, had never really been sick before and I was irritated. I wasn’t over weight, I hadn’t especially abused my body with alcohol, drugs or anything else which might have explained me now having to take medication daily. I asked the question which no one really can answer, the same one I suspect anyone told they had developed a life long condition without any cure: why me?
On top of dealing with daily injections and monitoring blood glucose levels I was being reminded, that is to say told, to stop smoking by every doctor I had appointments with. See, doctors will quite rightly tell you to stop smoking at every opportunity. Mix smoking with a condition like diabetes type 1 and you have a fairly surefire recipe for heart disease. Both things put tremendous pressure on the old ticker. I basically had to stop this habit of a life time; this habit, which actually (whisper it) I kind of quite liked.

I’d never really looked into or had much interest in quitting aids before. I’d seen the gums, the patches, lozenges and funny inhaler things, but never wanted or used any of them. One day, one of my brothers showed me a link to something I actually thought must be a joke at first: an electronic cigarette. How can an cigarette be electronic, I thought. Those mad boffins had turned man’s oldest invention (fire, not the wheel) and made it electronic! What black magic is this!
My first ecig. A super mini kit by Halo.

It was from a UK company called Halo; it was really thin, white, looked a little bit like a cigarette and used the now ancient form of vaping a little plastic cartridge filled with foamy like cotton which itself was covered in a yellow like liquid. I can’t remember exactly how much I spent on the thing, but when it arrived (my first vape mail!) I got the hang of it over time and vaped that thing like crazy. See when you quit from 24 Royals a day and go down to this tiny little thing, with a tight draw and a battery life of around 2 hrs, the thing never leaves your lips for the first week or so.
Suffice to say I cut down smoking almost entirely. I went from 24 a day to 6, then by the end of the week it was more like 4 a day. By week 2 I wasn’t using cigarettes and used to refer to them as analogs like I lived in some Tron based future. I was officially off the cancer sticks!

I then researched everything, joined forums and bought everything vaping wise I could afford. I’ve had numerous kits, hundreds of e-liquids and have enjoyed the journey of discovery that is vaping which has become a full blown hobby now. No-one collects cigarettes and tobacco and then goes onto a forum and talks about their experiences with it. In vaping it’s more of a community, a group of people with their own reasons to seek an actual, working, safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. You have such a wealth of options and choice in vaping; it really can introduce you to a whole new world (sorry if you are now singing Aladdin songs after that line).

I’ve been vaping now for over 5 years. I’ve seen the benefits it’s had to me and those around me. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say: „Yes, vaping has saved my life“. If my new business venture, of Tokenvape’s premium UK made e-liquid, can also get someone to stay off the cigs and really embrace vaping, for them to then tell their friends and family and get them to discover the joys of a smoke free life, then i’ll have succeeded in my mission.

by Tokenvape