I had been a smoker for 30 years and up till recently I was on around 30 a day (on to rollies as I just couldnt afford the premades any longer), I had tried giving up on several occasions and to be honest I had actually given up trying as I felt it was impossible.

I had been thinking of trying vaping for months and every time I saw someone vaping I was asking all sorts of questions, I had decided that it was too expensive a thing to buy in case I didnt like it or it didnt help so I had almost given up. My oldest daughter had bought herself a cheap ego kit and didnt take to it so she gave me it to try and see how I got on.

I began with 24mg Tobacco flavoured juices whilst still smoking as this was an exploratory expedition and not an actual attempt to give up Smiling.
By the end of the first week I was down to about 10 rollies a day and vaping, the second week I was at 5 a day, next week was at 1 or 2 a day and in fairness each rollie I smoked was beginning to taste more and more disgusting.
On the Friday night at the end of the 3rd week I asked myself a question – I wonder what would happen if I didnt have a smoke tomorrow? so I tried it and it didnt bother me so I went for a second day, then a third and so on, after about 4 weeks the tobacco flavour juices began to disgust me also so I started to look at new juices but I am happy to report I am now 8 months free of the smokes.

I currently mix my own 6mg juices (normally buying heisenberg concentrate and mixing it up in 200 ml batches which of late has been lasting me a very short time lol) as I find buying premade just far too expensive and rebuild all my own coils, my current set up is an IStick 50w with a Kanger Sub Tank mini vaping some home made heisenberg at 26.6w and I have just ordered a new IStick 100w to replace this but am looking for a decent tank to give me the benefit of the increased wattage.

Would I advise people to start vaping as an alternative to smoking – NO, I advise them to try vaping and see if its for them, I tell them to continue smoking while they try vaping and just see what happens from there but not to take up vaping as a magic bullet. I think it worked so well for me because I did not pressure myself in to quitting when I tried vaping.

My only regret about vaping is that I didnt try it sooner but with the advantage of age comes the advantage of wisdom – maybe I just wast ready for it at that time and I know for a fact if I had tried and failed I wouldnt have tried again.