I smoked fairly regularly for the better part of the last 20 years. I always wanted to quit, knowing full well the health risks, but never really found the motivation. Of course I had the requisite shortness of breath, etc but have luckily never been afflicted with any serious illness from the smoking.

Well, quite unintentionally, 53 days ago I bought a Tesla starter kit and two bottles of juice basically on a whim. I was in a non-smoking room at the hotel, the key system was down so we needed an escort EVERY time we would have stepped out for a smoke, and I didn’t have any on me anyway. So, off to the vape shop I went. 1 was flavored like cigarette tobacco, the other was a recommended dragon fruit juice. I was unimpressed with the tobacco flavored one, figuring it didn’t taste very good (funny, though, because cigarettes actually taste nasty too). But when I switched over to the nice flavored juice, and still got to emulate the act of smoking complete with clouds, cigarettes were immediately gone from my life forever. I find this 1000x more enjoyable. The variations of styles, equipment, and flavors is just absolutely a no brainer compared to the one choice only deal with cigarettes. My health has improved, my senses are regaining, and I am loving this. Thank you vaping for giving me the vehicle I needed to quit those little killer sticks! And heck, thanks to this forum for being a great internet home for folks like me.