Why did I start vaping?
I’d tried to quit many times before, but nothing worked for me. A friend handed me an Ego when I’d run out of fags one day, and straight away, I knew this was it.
Luckily said friend worked in a B&M in town, so the next day I got my starter kit, with a rather nice 30% off the price tag. I had three rollies over the next week, and that was it. From 12.5g of baccy a day…
It did help that I also had the motivation of timing: I smoked for 19 years, 11 and a half months. Seemed like a good point at which to stop.

How long have you been a vaper?
At the time of writing this, exactly one year and 21 days.

Are you a smoker, an ex-smoker or a non-smoker?
I now class myself as a non-smoker, but technically I’m an ex-smoker…

How has vaping affected you?
The first week was incredible. I think it was all the extra oxygen in my blood, but I was buzzing for a whole week. I felt like I wanted to run everywhere, I had so much energy.
It also changed my whole outlook on life. Improved taste, smell (in more ways than one), lung capacity, and endurance in physical exercise. I no longer wheeze walking up hills.

I seriously believe that vaping has saved my life. I was so hooked on tobacco, I’d given up giving up, it just wasn’t happening.
Other than that, I haven’t had a cold since I started vaping, food tastes nice again, but I’ve lost my enormous chilli tolerance. Still like it hot, it just hurts more. (Oo-err missus).

So, um, yeah.