Thorsten Greiner

Spring 2015 I met a friend, I haven’t seen in 15 years, at a party. I knew he smoked but was now vaping. It was pretty interesting to me and sowed the seed…

I smoked since I was 14. Now I am 42. Then stopped smoking because of a tooth-surgery in 2005 and started again in 2009. I smoked something like two to three packs of tobacco a week.

Back then end of April 2015 I ordered a starter set of two EVOD2 and some liquids. I opened the package 3rd of May, filled in the liquids and started vaping, while dropping my tobacco, papers and filters in a box.

I did not smoke a single cigarette since then.

Me vaping results in my family liked me not smelling of smoke, not contaminating them with smoke and not tasting like an ashtray while kissing my girlfriend.

Apart from that I got back my breath, my ability to smell and taste. My blood pressure dropped. Morningly coughing and whistling was gone. Far less headaches.

I own two EVOD2 and a Joyetech EGRIP which I occasionally use. My main-device at the moment is a Kangertech Subox Set consisting of a KBOX Mini and a Subtank Mini. I am mixing liquids myself and will start building my own coils soon.

A funny incident happened beginning of August when I was working at the Wacken Open Air. I was on the festival site when a girl, totally messed up with mud asked me, if I was a smoker and could give her a cigarette. I said no, but offered her to roll a cigarette. She agreed, showing me where her tobacco, papers and filters were. So I rolled her a cigarette, and while her hands were full of mud, lightened it for her as well. I did not inhale, just got that smoke in my mouth and was like, WTF?! How could i have smoked all those years? That bad taste kinda blew me away. It really confirms, stop smoking was the right decision. And vaping helped me achieve it.