Thomas "VapeMat" Soffiantini

My name is Thomas, I’m italian so I apologize in advance for my bad english. I’m 38 by now and I’ve been smoking since I was about 14. I first tried e-cigs (cigarette look-like) about 6 years ago, but the thing was flimsy and shallow – so I got back to tobacco again. Then EGOs came in, and I was able to quit for some months more – almost a year, but that didn’t work as I supposed – even if I didn’t smoke that many cigarettes as before: I was able to cut it down to 2, 3 or 4 cigarettes a day. Some days I didn’t smoke at all. Then the mods came… and that was my keystone: I’ve always been in computers, videogames, modding and fixing things, and those little boxes gave me all that I needed: more power, rich flavor, satisfaction – and bustling around! Being diabethic from the age of 5, I understood quicky the value of living a healty life, and quitting with cigarettes was a major step to absolutely take. Now as I try to convince my friends to quit I find so irritating and nasty their lack of willpower in kicking that filthy habit, mainly because they are lazy and nothing „serious“ has yet happened to them… We only have one life, and it’s a gliding flight… let’s try not to burst useless holes in our wings!