Terence Pearman

Why did I start vaping?
Been a smoker for 45 years then one day I pissed blood and the wife told me to go to the doctors,he promptly sent me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder.The doc told me it was the benzine in cigarets that caused it ,so I had no option I had to stop smoking,so I bought a provari and started vaping.Now have 2 sigeleis mutation x dripper and a Aromamizer tank,been vaping for 5 years now.Not touched a cig since,trouble is I have always got the sigelei in my hand,the wife calls it my dummy lol.Converted all my brothers and sisters to vaping,think the cancer helped a bit too lol

So that makes me an ex smoker.

Terence pearman horbury West Yorkshire