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Why did you start vaping? Me and my wife were watching The Ronnie Wood show on Sky Arts one night , and noticed him putting something in his mouth, a green light coming on, and smoke coming out of when he exhaled. I was instantly baffled and intrigued by this and got me thinking what it was. Next day i went into my local chemist and saw a nicolite battery smoke hanging on the shelf, and realised this is what Ronnie Wood was using. I purchased a disposable version to try it out, and was back before closing time to buy the rechargable version. From that moment on i never felt the need for a cigarette again.

How long have you been a vaper? 3 and a half years.

Are you a smoker, an ex-smoker or a non smoker? I am an Ex Smoker

How has vaping effected you? Vaping has increased my health ten fold, as well as saved me an absolute fortune. The biggest thing for me was how easy vaping made quitting cigarettes, and in doing so, helped me show those who smoked in my family how easy it was, and watched them take up vaping aswell. I always felt i was more addicted to the hand to mouth action rather than anything else, and vaping has helped me continue with this pleasure, without to heath risks and stink of cigarettes.