Sarah Freeman

i had no intention of quitting the cigs, i simply didn’t want to, i enjoyed smoking far too much, it broke up my daily mundane tasks. My dad was constantly telling me to quit, trying to drill it into me how it upset him how i was just simply killing myself. I’d brush it off with a “ yeah i will… someday“ not even giving it a second thought. I started vaping almost 4 years ago, 2 weeks after my dad sadly passed away at the age of 67. I decided that id do THE one thing he’d asked me to do and quit the cigs. I needed a compromise, a healthier alternative, the first couple of weeks were tough as i made the transition, but with the above spurring me on there was no way i was going back to smoking. A few weeks passed, the coughing stopped, i’ve never looked back.
I feel fresher, healthier, i don’t get out of breath, i don’t seem to get as many coughs colds etc and if and when i do they don’t settle on my chest like they used to, BONUS!
If only id started vaping earlier.

Sarah Freeman, South Yorkshire.