Started smoking at 15. Had a constant supply of cheap/free horrible import cigarettes due to my dad being a taxi driver and getting offered all sorts.

Things escalated quickly and by 18 i was smoking 60+ a day. Was unemployed (disabled) and restoring classic cars to get by, was chain smoking.

Christmas eve of that year my dad had a massive stroke aged 45, lost one half of his body (he regained most of it over the next few years).

This stuck home hard and I quit there and then and have never touched another cigarette since.

Fast forward to 2015, unemployed due to disability, i’ve have 11 leg operations and one knee replacemant and one pending age 30. Found my self with alot of free time, starting snacking at night and having a huge craving all the time. My mate had just dropped down to 0mg and he convinced me to try it. Borrowed some gear for a week and it was like a switch.

No more snacking at night, just replaced it with nice flavours at 0mg. Bought a Wismec Presa + Nautilus Mini and in chase of more flavor bought a Subox starter kit. Now a Velocity rda and a Smok x cube II on its way Ti wire, Ni200, etc etc..

No going back now.