I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for over 23 years. Numerous times I tried to quit but nothing worked longer than a week. I was dealing with serious health issues including bronchitis, upper airway infections and pneumonia and so wanted to stop smoking but no nicotine patch or other ‚medical‘ aid did the trick. Then, another ex-smoker recommended the e-cig to me, not a small old-fashioned e-cig (tried that too!) but the newer, better models on the market today. Never touched another cigarette since that first day of vaping!!!! Not one!! Also started at 12 mg of nicotine in my e-liquid and after about a month, that level had already dropped to 3mg!! Nothing but amazing! But even better, my health improved dramatically. Vaping did what antibiotics and other medication couldn’t, I stopped coughing and finally got a grip on my bronchitis and other after a couple of weeks into it. Since then, things have been progressing in the right direction. I truly believe this has literally been a life-saver so far and helped me to finally make that all-desired life change. It might still not be as healthy as non-vaping, but I am utterly convinced it is really helping people to quit those pesky cigarettes and helping their health, the proof is in the pudding they say, but I only have to look into the mirror at myself!