Well, for me I started smoking around 10-11 years old (1956/57) by nicking my Mum’s Kensitas ciggies, and then flogging some of my Dinky toys to a local second hand shop so that I could buy 10 Batchelors/Woodbines, then find somewhere quiet to have a smoke.
Luckily I lived at a place called Bonchurch on the Isle of Wight (I now live in Ryde) after a spell of living in England for about 25 years. I lived near enough on a beach and had nearby woods, so it was dead easy to disappear with my mates to smoke in peace.
In the woods there was a sort of vine about the same thickness as a ciggie, and we used to cut and clean up short lengths of it and ’smoke‘ that….as yes, the ingenuity of youf. 🙂

Anyway, in November 2013 a friend came round to our house for a natter and to drink my tea/coffee, as she used to be our next door neighbour. She was using this device which intrigued me, and we talked about it and convinced me to try it myself. So the next day I spent about £25 in our local vape shop, and the chap showed me all the different devices, how to vape etc. and I chose a starter kit which was a 650mah battery, one of those CE4 type tanks, wall charger, USB cable and a free bottle of 10ml juice of my choice.
He spent about an hour with me before I parted with my money, and from that moment I gave up the ciggies.

Then using the interwebz I came across a whole industry with lots of shiny things for vaping, and realised there is a whole lot of fun to spend my Pension on. 🙂

However, my No.1 son came to stay with us for a couple of months about 7 months later (marital problems, all sorted now), and he left his packet of baccy on the kitchen worktop, and the little man on my shoulder whispered in my ear „Go on, go on, try a roll up, it won’t hurt you….just the one.“

So I did while I was waiting for the kettle to boil. But it tasted pretty rough, but, it was enough for me to get back into the habit again, whilst also vaping.

I decided that I needed new and shiny mods to try and confuse and be rid of the little devil man on my shoulder who leads me astray.
So, I got my MVP2 (brilliantly repaired with flat 510 connector, by a very fine chap on this forum), VTR2 (first purchase from China) bought the Cloupor Mini 30W (which I have lost interest in and rarely use), then the Coolfire IV 40W (lurve it), then the MVP3 Pro 60W, and finally a Smok XPro 80W (which I also lurve – I don’t use TC, I just wanted an 80W mod) which I bought from another fine gentleman on this forum.

Also some new tanks, like the Atlantis v1 + v2 and the iSub.

So after smoking for about 58 years, stopping for about 8 months, and then restarting smoking to now, albeit more vaping than smoking thank goodness (trying to give up completely the second time is a damn sight harder, for me anyway) so I am still struggling to kick the habit completely – if only I could dispose of the little devil man on my shoulder whispering bad things to me. :'(

Roy – ruler of my Kingdom the Isle of Wight, from my fortress in Ryde.

Nurse says I have delusions of grandeur, and dunno why…..