Hi, my name is Roger, and I have smoked in one form or another since I was 16, I quit tobacco when I was 52…, a 36 year smoker.

I tried everything to stop, and I mean everything:

Inhalers – jeez, they were disgusting,
Gum – tasted awful
Patches – they turned me into an itching patchwork quit, although the dreams were “interesting”.
Zyban – still craving tobacco after 3 months
Champix – I almost attacked boss about 6 weeks in.
and finally…
Cold Turkey – no bloody chance.

Now, I knew smoking was bad for me (which is why I had tried everything) and I knew I had to stop, so when I saw an advert for what turned out to be a Black “cig-a-like” I tried them.

Now this was better, much better but (I know now) the vaper production was next to useless, these kept me off tobacco for a couple of weeks, but I gradually gave in to the constant cravings.

After that I figured I was going to be a smoker for the rest of my increasingly miserable life…..until I was told about a forum called “Planet of the Vapes”, I join as it didn’t cost anything and I was confronted by this vast array of vaping devices.

Anyway, I tried to have another go at quitting tobacco and bought a 3rd gen device (A Sigelei Zmax and a Vivi Nova atomiser.

On the day they were due to arrive I had my last cigar on the way to work in the morning, the kit arrived at lunchtime.

I had my first vape after my lunch and I have never looked back, I still can’t believe it was so easy after all the previous failed attempts…….I truly believe E-cigs have saved my life.

PS My wife packed up the same way a month later.