Robert Mrówczyński

I am a former smoker.
Had smoked for nearly 40 years. 1,5 pack a-day .Short breath, quickly tired. Had tried to quit several times with various methods like buppropion and hypnosis. The longest period without smoke was nearly 1 year, but it ended up with a high overweight, high blood pressure and I lost self esteem.
Then almost 3 years ago I saw a work colleague puffing a strange looking device. Within a week I had my own e-cigarette mailed and on The SAME DAY I totally quit smoking tobacco cigarettes for good.
I started using ego-type e-cigs and had all the issues the beginners have . Thanks to Polish e-cigarette forum and the net I could grasp some knowledge necessary to overcome these.
I started from high nicotine strenght 24mg/ml. Then gradually reached 12mg/ml. Just recently, after purchasing a nice MOD and a sub-ohm equipment I can no longer use more than 6mg/ml.
After almost 3 years of NOT smoking I feel like I have regained control over my own health. I am full of energy, can play with my grandchildren and run. Seasonal infections last for 1 day in my case(used to be a week). Sense of smell came back to me just after a month after quitting. I no longer stink with smoke- my grandchildren say I smell like cookies.

Makes me nervous when I read or hear all the lies on e-cigs from Polish & international media and organisations like WHO (COP). The disproportional discriminating rules imposed by European TPD2 (Tobacco Product Directive) over vaping may cause some ppl going back to smoking, and a lot of smokers will not switch to the 99% SAFER alternative of smoking. Decided ti fight it.
I am a member of CASAA, EVUN and Polish Association of E-cigarette Users -SUEP.