Robert Jenkins

My name is Robert Jenkins I live in Cardiff United Kingdom. I started smoking when I was 12 years old just to feel big amongst my peers. Looking back it wasn’t one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. By the age of 14 years I was smoking 10 cigarettes a day by my mid 20s that number had risen to between 20-40 a day depending on what I was doing. I had tried to quit on many occasion over the years using remedies such as Nicotine Patches and Gum. The gum was of no use at all to me in my fight to quit. When I used patches I could go a few day without smoking until I went out for a drink at which point I would smoke while wearing a patch. I had more or less given up hope of ever quitting smoking.

But then one day in October 2013 I came across a video on YouTube about Electronic Cigarettes. A week or so later my wife and I were out shopping and we walked passed an electronic cigarette vendors stand in a shopping centre. The video I had seen came to mind so we stopped and had a chat to the young lady behind the counter. The price was £50 for a starter pack with 2 batteries 2 clearomizers a charger and some E juice. We walked away after chatting and went to a cafe. While sitting having a cuppa my wife said £50 is less than I would spend on cigarettes over the next week. We then returned to the vendor and I bought the starter pack.
At that time I had 10 cigarettes left in a pack so I decided I would finish those that night and start using the electronic cigarette the next day. At about 10am 1st November 2013 I filled the clearomizer with 24mg nicotine tobacco flavour e juice and took my first vape. That by far was the best decision I have made to date! I now vape mainly fruit and sweet flavours with 6mg nicotine. I am confident I will eventually be vaping 0mg nicotine.
Basically an Electronic Cigarette allowed me to quit smoking and the plus point to that is the fact that my health has improved ten fold. I can taste food properly I can run without being out of breath. Enough said !