Rob Stobbs

My story isn’t exceptionally exciting or full daring do.
I started smoking later than many, I believe I was about 20? I had „smoked“ a lot of illegal substances before this, but strangely cigarettes never really appealed, but a Pipe did, so that became my weapon of choice.
Carol had given up cigarettes on several occasions, her best effort was 2.5 years. However, she developed all manner of exciting things during the non smoking period, culminating in a Deep Vein Thrombosis. It was during her hospitalisation that quite a few other things came to light and a Doctor actually suggested that in her case, perhaps smoking was the better of two evils, so she started again.

In 2010 we found ourselves constantly complaining about how much we were filling the Govt Coffers, and it sort of stuck in our heads. So in November of that year we started our vaping journeys, starting off with the forerunner to the eGo Battery and some appalling atty thing, but it worked, we never smoked again!

Now we are both approaching retirement age and feeling considerably better than we did. No tight chests, no coughing fits, the house smells nice, we don’t stink, nor do our clothes, Carol’s complexion is tremendous and life is good generally. Then…. I found this funny forum…. 2013 seems a while ago now!!

Rob Stobbs 60 years young
Carol Stobbs 58 years young Both residents of Cambridgeshire.