Here’s the short & approximate version of my vape story….

I smoked from the age of 13 (i think). When i was approaching 40 i had decided that i wanted to enter my 40’s as a non smoker ! It was making me feel bad & i was concerned about my future health.
My 40th birthday came….& went…. I was still smoking my hand rolling tobacco, whenever i tried to cut down my intake it never worked & my habit would always end up out of control, chaotic & i just smoked however many cigs i felt like, i didn’t count them.

Every morning i felt the same, the usual cough & tight chest. I was underweight, my skin was developing mild excema (I’m convinced that smoking caused that) & my general health was showing signs that could only be attributed to my smoking (i’ll spare you the list of known symptoms)

I got to age 42 & was still smoking ! By now there was a drug that proclamed to be a great quit smoking aid ‚CHAMPIX‘ & i ,in my ignorance, tried a 3 month course of that stuff, really strange & suspiciously questionable substance imo.
I managed to cut down to 1 cig a week during my drug period & when the 3 months was over (You can’t take it any longer in the UK, thankfully) i began to smoke more again. I was soon back to my normal smoking habit.

8 more months later & i was so frustrated. I genuinely wanted to quit. I saw my doctor & convinced him to prescribe me the champix again & i thought i could really do it this time, with the benefit of previous experience surely i could quit now.
Again, i manged to get my smoking down to almost 1 cig a week, not every week though, some weeks i was having a few, treating myself i suppose.
Before i finished my 3 months of drugs again i picked up a disposable E-Cig, i found it very good instead of the real smokes & i used it to keep the cravings at bay. I used a few of those & then my 3 months of drugs were over again.

I started buying filtered cigarettes, about 10 every two days. Then, 10 each day, then 20 each day ! I was still in the mindset of quitting even though my smoking had come back & so after about 2 weeks i decided to buy a rechargeable E-Cig. Well, i thought it worked pretty well & i had some refills for it. After around 4 days of using that & smoking too i decided/realized that it was actually a very viable alternative to smoking & i left my house without any tobacco, just the E-Cig. I went & bought a second one for back-up.

That was the turning point. I didn’t smoke again & i spent a month trying out a few different versions of E-Cigs before moving on to a small tank & bigger battery…. I gradually went on to even bigger & better vape things.

There’s no point in explaining all the other steps & details i took from here on, suffice to say that i developed an interest in vaping & with the hardware that comes with it. Vaping then took on a new life all of its own & so not only had i quit the smokes, i had also gained a focal interest which i think also helped to keep me occupied during this transition period.

This is being typed after 20 months of vaping. I’m still vaping ! During that 20 months i have smoked a few single cigarettes but each one has been worse than the one before & i havn’t smoked for months now, nor will i again.

In summary, i enjoy a good vape, i don’t feel like it’s really harming me much, perhaps some modern foods are more unhealthy, perhaps some modern activities are more risky ! I don’t know, but i do know that vaping has saved my life where smoking felt as if it would take my life, what a contrast !

Vaping has a little more to it than meets the eye, no,.. a lot more. It can be tweaked & tuned to your individual requirements & it can be really enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it is a little learning curve but whatever, i totally recommend any smoker to switch over because when you have vaped for a certain period of time it can be really satisfying in a way that smoking never could be.

Ray. UK, 45 years young, non exeptional working person.