Why did I start vaping?
I didn’t really set out to start vaping,I had tried quitting the fags so many times but never managed more than two or three days,i was on 60 fags a day and had been smoking for 30 odd years,then one day a site manager who I used to stand and chat to while on our many fag breaks pulled out a cig alike so I had a go, seemed better than I thought it would be,so I nipped out to asda picked one up and a pack of carto ends chucked the few fags I had left in the bin and that was it,packed in the fags overnight,it was a bit of a struggle to start with as the cig alike wasn’t really cutting it so went and got a couple of ego’s and CE4’s which vastly improved on getting rid of the cravings,now using sig 30w/75w and 100w with various attys, that was two years ago and can honestly say I’ve not touched a stinky in all that time,I feel so much better,no more heavy breathing after just walking up the stairs,i can run around with my grandkids and even now enjoy taking the dog for a walk plus I earn more at work,im a subby that works on price,as I’m not nipping of site all the time for a fag and also not spending a fortune killing myself smoking,