Rafael Kurpanik from Wuppertal ,Germany

So I smoked for about 13 Years Started when i was 16 ( 29 now ) and did stop smoking / started Vaping 4 Weeks ago when i got my First Starterset ( Kangertech Evod ) i stoped immediatly smoking.

2 Days Later i wanted more but not because of addiction or something i wanted more flavour thats the time i went to a Offline store and they sold me a eGo One Mega ( I use it since then and i just Ordered a second one ) thats the time when i dropped my Nicotine from 16mg to 6 mg and two days later to 3 mg i want to drop it in 1 months to 1.5 mg.

This was my first Attempt to drop smoking and it worked im on my way to drop the Nic as well im at the point where i am starting to taste things better i can get home ( 3rd Floor ) without being exhausted.

This is it, sorry for my Bad Englisch / Grammar.