Pete Wright

Here goes! I started smoking aged 22 & smoked around 25 a day or a large packet of tobacco every two days, when I got to 43 figured it was time to stop. I tried cold turkey, patches & champix tablets from my doctor, none of which worked. One Sunday afternoon in February 2013 my wife told me she was going to try 10motives electronic cigarette that she’d bought from Tesco’s, so I took a puff & decided I’d try too. From that day onwards I haven’t had a single puff on a cigarette, I moved on from the 10motives to a Kanger after visiting Cigg-E in Canton. It’s been 2.5 years since I started vaping and I don’t plan to stop although I’ve reduced the nicotine from 24mg to 6 or 8mg. As Bruce says „keep vaping!“