Per Holst (perhol), Copenhagen, Denmark

I started smoking in 1963 when I was 11 years old.
Before I was 20 years old, my cigarette consumption was up to more than 30 cigarettes daily.

In the years 2010-2012, I tried several times to quit smoking, because I had had several cases of pneumonia and suffered from reduced lung function.

I participated in smoking cessation courses tried nicotine patch, nicotine gum, nicotine inhaler and even pills on prescription (Zyban).
The longest quitting held during that period was 4 weeks!

In October 2012 a colleague let me try her e-cigarette.
It did not taste very good, but might be worth a try.

I examined the options on several pages of vaping on the Web, and because of the many success stories I ordered a startset.

Since there had to be nicotine in the e-cigarette, I had to order it from a country that allowed this, and a set was ordered from Spain.

The E-cigarette arrived on October 28 and I decided to start using it on October 30 as this was a day I had off from work.

I immediately reduced my cigarette consumption to 4-6 pieces a day, and November 3, 2012 in the morning, after just three days‘ use of e-cigarette, I decided that I did not need to smoke tobacco more.

I put out the cigarette and has not smoked tobacco since.
49 years as a heavy smoker ended in three days thanks to e-cigarette!

In the following approx six months‘ time I tried out different taste, refillable tank systems and mods.

I now use mechanical mods with refillable steel tanks, I use a liquid I mix myself with a dose of 6 mg/ml. The liquid is 74% VG, 26% PG with a taste of Aniseed and Absinth with a little bit of Menthol.

I have not had pneumonia since I started vaping, and my lung function is slightly better.

I do not intend to stop vaping.