I smoked for 33 years and then 4 years ago I had a heart attack , I stopped smoking for 3 months (going cold turkey) tried patches but I was soon back on the ciggys. In January this year a friend ( from my online gaming group , who I have never met) told me he had stopped smoking thanks to vaping and encouraged me to try it. I had not really heard about vaping and didn’t think it was for me so never looked into it.

By march my friend had stopped vaping (as he no longer needed nicotine) and he sent me his DIY e juice kit , this was the push I needed so I mixed up some e juice and ordered my first Mod/tank. From the day it arrived I stopped smoking and 1 week later my wife stopped too. We have been vaping for 5 months now and were totally free from cigarettes we feel so much better now , our taste buds have returned and we don’t get out of breath walking to the shops anymore.

paul 46 years and 3/4 now a non smoker