Paul Jones

25 years of tobacco and cannabis took its toll….while I held down a decent job and was a weekend father to two fantastic boys…my physical and mental health suffered…I had been to the doctors several times with depression and help with quitting smoking, eventually I found myself on champix tablets that turned me into a living zombie that couldn’t concentrate at work (I’m a cabinet maker using heavy and dangerous machines every day) I simply couldn’t carry on the coarse after completing nearly 3/4 of it….I fell back into the old addiction’s and resigned myself to always being an addict.
I went to Birmingham university open day with my eldest son two years ago and spotted someone vaping and got chatting ( I have tried those cig-a-likes before but were absolutely useless in actually helping me quit, none of those deliver enough nicotine to achieve the initial change from tobacco to vaping)
I did my research and thought in short that at worst its ‚damage limitation‘ and certainly no worse than those terrible champix tablets.
I started and within one month I had halved my tobacco and all but completely given up cannabis.
Tobacco was hard work but finally I had broken it after 3 months using 18mg e liquid .
I continued to decrease my nicotine at small amounts at a time, all the while my body rid its self of the nasties left behind (we hear this a lot on forums as people think its vaping causing the issues but its not:- lung coughing, phlegm, taste buds all over the place etc…)
So I end my piece to the present day
I’m now constantly vaping 3mg, don’t smoke tobacco, don’t use cannibis, don’t feel depressed,don’t need drugs from the doctor….and actually feel happy that after my next batch of juice I will be ordering zero mg juice….yes that’s right I will after 25 year be nicotine free!!!
I see you and your actions!
Ban vaping and I shall know you did it for greed!
I’ve sent this story to my m.p regarding article 20 of the tpd also.
Kind regards from a consistent and continued tax payer that wishes to not be a future burden..