My story is in similar vein. I started smoking when I was 15. Gradually increased until I was smoking 30-40 a day. In the past, I tried patches, gum, inhalators & the old cigalikes but always went back to smoking. Anyway, just before Christmas 2013 at age of 69, I had heart attack. The paramedic told me that, if I had left it another hour I would have died. Got that sorted due to our wonderful NHS. I got back home from hospital on Christmas Eve and had a cig, after 4 days without. After that, I smoked 3 or 4 a day, mostly because wife still smoked. After New Year I tried the cigalikes I still had in cupboard. Still didn`t work so I looked on Ebay and found a twin variable voltage kit with 2 CE4`s. Went on local market and bought a couple of Lyqua liquids. This was a completely new experience for me. I had found something better than smoking !. I must admit that I`ve still had the odd cig. I had accident cutting tree in garden a year ago and eventually found that I had peripheral arterial disease. Most of my problems must have been caused by smoking.
I`m not into making coils, sub-ohming, cloud chasing etc. I just vape to keep me off the cigs and it`s working. I don`t buy all the fancy stuff, only liquids these days as I`m happy with the basic NV tanks I use along with decent batteries.
Each time I got to docs for check up, my blood pressure and cholesteral has decreased, my weight has fallen slightly and my pulse rate is normal. They know at my practice that I vape but they now class me as a non-smoker.
I don`t feel massively different to when I did smoke as I was quite fit anyway but I now don`t have irritating cough, don`t smell of cigs & hope that I`ve extended my life by a few years !!