Olli Erinko

I smoked for nearly 12 years. I had tried quitting with patches, gum, nicotine inhalers and Champix, none of which worked out in the long term (Champix just made me feel sick, while doing nothing to the cravings). I was considering hypnosis as well, even though I do not believe it would’ve worked. I was desperate to quit.
A good friend of mine then suggested I switch to E-Cigarettes, and borrowed me my first cigalike, which I used for a week straight, with only 2 traditional cigarettes burned during that time.
I then bought my own, slightly more powerful e-cig, and I’ve not smoked a single cigarette since.

This was nearly 2 years ago now. After about a month of e-cigarette use, my general health got a lot better. I wasn’t coughing constantly anymore and I could run further without getting winded.

A nice bonus to this is the amount of money saved by switching to e-cigs.