I grew up in the sixties when all kids used to play with the odd fag that someone had pinched from their parents.
By age ten you were probably buying the odd packet of 5 Park Drive.This did not turn be into a smoker.
I probably did not smoke anything through my early teens and became a „social smoker“ once I started going to parties and pubs, around the age of 16, especially if girls were around as in our circle more of them were regular smokers.

I probably did not become a nicotine addict till I was eighteen and accepted the fact about a year later.
By this time I was the type of student who left all their work till the last minute then pulled all nighters fuled by cafine and nicotine.I kidded myself that I would give up when I was finished with university.Then it was by the time I was thirty.

I went through a period of years when I was regularily trying and failing to give up.I came to recognise the pattern of failure and so gave up giving up for years. Over the next few decades I gave up once for three months and once for about a year but at times of stress I would slip back.

By the time I bought my first e-cig a couple of years ago I had been on a gradual reduction on my smoking level.
I had gone from smoking 50g (2oz in old money) of baccy a week in my 20s to about half that in my 50s.
As part of my attempt to cut down further I would go out without my baccy and if I got desperate for a fag I would just go and buy next weeks tobacco.I was in this situation one day on the verge of going to buy some baccy when I saw a cig-a-like in the pound shop.It worked, it took away my craving for a fag, though it died before it had half finished the e-liqid it contained.It should be noted that I still go out without my nicotine and it is for some unknown reason much easier to handle not vaping during the day than it was not smoking.

A vape shop had recently opened in a local town so I went there the next week.
The plan was to use vaping to help me reduce my baccy consumption, save money and to a lesser degree improve my health. I bought a couple of batteries and a cheap ce5 tank. I never bought tobacco again, within a couple of weeks I was a non smoker.

I soon updated my ce5 tank for 3 protank mini 2.This was an investment to save money over time because I could rebuild the coils which lead on to the whole ohms law thing and having to refresh myself on my o level physics.I was happy with this kit, it did the job.It became clear however that if you want to save money rebuilding coils you might as well use equipment made for rebuilding rather than rebuilding stock coils.This lead me to buying a couple of Kayfun Lite+ and in order to practice my coil building my first dripper. I immediately discovered that I was a dripper person rather than a tank person this lead to more drippers and mechanical mods.

This all happened over my first 2 or 3 months as a vaper. I had decided that for the first year of vaping I was happy to spend my baccy budget but after that, I did want vaping to be cheap.Things were going well, I was not smoking and enjoying vaping more than smoking, the budget was being stretched a little but that would settle down.

The fly in the ointment was the impending TPD regulations, It looked to me that the kit I was choosing was likely to be banned or restricted and tax on nicotine seemed a certainty. I decided that I wanted to secure enough hardware and nicotine to last at least ten years.This lead to the buying of more mechanical mods and drippers as well as spares and rebuildable supplies and a nicotine stockpile in the freezer.

I am enjoying my vaping and it costs me almost nothing now that I have my stocks.I am relaxed about the health risks in a way I never really was with cigarettes. Whether I will want to break my nicotine habit in the future remains to be seen, I do consume less nicotine than when I started. I do know that should I decide to give up, the flexibilty that you get to tailor the nicotine delivery when mixing your own juice and building your own coils means that vaping is better suited to nicotine reduction efforts than cigarettes.

For now I am happy to be off the baccy.