ohio vapor

I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 plus years and now im 2 months smoke free thanks to vaping. I use a sub ohm temp control mod now but started out on a pen. I started out with 12mg e juice and within a month I was down to 6mgs. Now im on the borderline of 3 and 6. I tried the patch, gum lozenges and it didn’t work for me my cravings were still there. I was irritable and not pleasant to be around. I find that vaping is the all in one system. It curbs cravings, satisfies the psychological hand to mouth action and in some cases keeps you from gaining weight. Since i have quit smoking i feel much better. I sleep better I have more energy and my taste and smell have improved greatly. I highly recommend this method to anyone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes.