I started smoking when I was 16 years old. I managed to quit once together with a co-worker back in 2000 and started again in 2006. Big Mistake.

In summer 2013 on the job another co-worker introduced me to vaping. As an event technology professional I understood immediately that it actually works exactly like a fog machine used in the event and film industry. A well known and proved non toxic technology!

I was convinced that this is going to be great alternative to smoking. I started with an ego T and I did not like the tank system. That is why I did not stop smoking. But I was able to reduce my cigarette consumption at least. Then I bought a Kanger Pro Tank II mini and used this combination.

Later I bought an iTaste 134 and a Kanger Protank II. Today I use this gear together with a Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 and a Kanger Sub Tank.

In December 2015 I prepared our home for Christmas. I was exhausted after carrying a box to the attic. The very next morning after breakfast I decided to vape instead of smoking a cigarette to give it a try. Every time I wanted to grab a cigarette I grabbed my personal vaporizer instead of a cigarette.

It took me about a week to completely forget about cigarettes. I still have that box of cigarettes right here on the shelf. With a lighter right next to it. But I don’t need those any more! In addition carrying boxes to the attic is no problem anymore.

I do mix my liquid my myself. All ingredients are available from the local pharmacy except nicotine base I ordered highly concentrated from a firm that can be trusted and the aroma I order from a well known company.

This way I know exactly what I actually vape. My nicotine level is 9mg/ml and that feels right (I started with 15mg/ml).

At the moment I am typing these lines I am smoke-free since 138 days. My physical fitness improved. No cough in the morning anymore. I can taste more.

I did try a cigarette once after switching about a month ago as I forgot my personal vaporizer at home. I have to admit that I have no clue how I could ever consider that “a good taste”. I only took a couple of puffs and it tasted like old ashtray. Never ever again.

Vaping is the future no matter what!