O. Kara

I smoked 20+ cigarettes a day and smoked for 12 years. I started using vaporizers 3 years ago and still do as i enjoy them. I use a boxmod e-cigarette and started with 18mg nicotine. Now i vape on 3 to 6mg of nicotine.

The day i started vaping i could quit with cigarette. In the beginning a had times that i smoked cigarette and vaped. After 2 month it was all vaping as i found the right device!

Before k tried cold turkey. Worked for 1 year. After that gum. The gum was not good as i developed oral issue (nasty). Both had failed eventually.

Vaping saved my life! I do not have the motive in mind to pick cigarette. Never ever will i smoke! Negative side is that the public awareness because of the media is not that great. People come to me saying that it is as bad as cigarette.. I am like.. What are you saying? On questioning the person i discover that the media pushes information that is debunked and is not true at all.
On the positive side i am happier, enjoy life more and i don’t smell bad! No yellow teeth on hands and teeth, no coughs or getting smoke sick. I am fit and have more energy. I feel as i was in the period that i was smoke free. Healthy!