I tried vaping a couple of years ago and found it all a massive faff! Couldn’t be bothered with buyong coils, charging batteries etc! I carried on happily with my amber leaf.

In April this year I was walking through the precinct by me and just walked into the vape shop. Wasn’t even planning it. Dropped 60 quid on a twin ego set and liquids and that was that. That was a Thursday. Used it on that evening and enjoyed it. Still had a few smokes. Wasn’t planning on giving up just cutting down. Used it all day on the Friday then after work we went to see a film. After the film I had a ciggie while waiting for the taxi. That was my last one. The 17th of April. 11 pm.

Since then I’ve gone in with both feet anf am now rebuilding, dripping and mixing.

I’m an ex smoker.