Im noob_fl from Germany. I was for 20 Years a heavy smoker. I startet smoking in the age of 15 and sins then, i smoked every day, mostly 20 – 40 cigarettes per day. I never want to stop, because i have arranged myself with the fact, that i’m a smoker and will probably die because of smoking related diseases. In November 2016, just for fun, i toke one of this one-time e-cigarettes, just for testing, after a few puffs, someting is happeing. i realize, that the vape is sadisfing me exactly like a cigarette, and i began to think – i can „smoke“ whitout killing myself?

just a few days later, i buy a vape-pen, one of this look-in solutions with non-refillable cartridges, and start to replace my cigarettes with vaping. i reduce my amounth of cigarettes form 20 – 40 to 5 in just one week. after that, i buy an ego like cigarette with refillable tank and start to test different e-juice, while i reduce my cigarette consumation to 1 or 2 per day.

In the same time, a good friend of mine have a very hard influenca, in this time, he cant smoke, and we talk, and on the same day, we are going to a vapeshop and buy our first „real“ e-cig, with a removable tank, hugh power and since then, we are heavy vapers.

in the beginning of 2017, i have myself a very hard influenca, while i cant smoke, but vaping was possible, and since then, im just smoking 1 or 2 cigarettes per week, sometimes lesser, but im vaping the whole day. I buy different vape devices since then, begann to mix my e-juice for myself and vaping on rebuildable atomicers at the moment.

For me, vaping is no longer just a replacement for smoking, its a hobby for itself. in no longer see myself as a smoker, im a vaper, and very proud of.
the most positive aspect of vaping is the comback of tasting and smelling after i quit smoking. I never realize, how the world, the food, the air smells and taste.

Vaping give me things back, that smoking is taken from me – its maybee a bit pathetic, but with the day, im beginn to vape, a new life have startet for me

(PS: sorry for my bad english 😉 )