Nicola Jansen

Hello guys,
my name is Nicola, I’m a german woman and 44 y/o, living in Germany with my cats and almost a year ago left cigarettes behind and started vaping.
Coming from a smokers family, I started late with 25 on the crappiest day I’ve had til then.
All of my friends were smoking, I never cared much until I asked for one – and for another and so on. And I liked it during the years. A lot. Or so I kept telling myself.
Until a year ago I was diagnosed with edemas on both vocal cords after a serious throat infection. I had my first surgery on September 29th, the second a month later.
Before the first surgery I looked up alternatives to smoking, since my common sense told me it couldn’t be good to have a smoke with a freshly operated vocal cord; I stumbled over e-cigarettes, read some more and came to the conclusion that if I couldn’t manage to stop smoking after surgery, if my old behaviour patterns would come through, then I’d give this alternative a try.
My surgery was on a Monday morning. I had my last cigarette right in front of the hospital. On Tuesday I was released already, Wednesday I found myself missing the ritual of smoking – not really the nicotine itself, I wasn’t nervous or anything – just having something in my hands, keep them busy, the ritual of inhaling and puffing out clouds. So I went straight into an e-cigarette shop that had been recommended to me, and left it after a good talk with a starterset: 2 Ego batteries and 2 Aspire Pen Clearomizers.
I enjoyed the lack of ashes, the cleaner air in my apartment, no stink, no dirt on and in my computer keyboard. The flexibility and of course the different flavors. A few weeks after getting my first set I bought a 3rd battery and an Aspire CE5 Clearomizer, I was swapping between 3 flavors, depending on my mood and situation.
At some point, just out of curiousity, I took a draw on a friend’s cigarette – and I didn’t like it. That thing „tasted“ so burnt, I was glad I wasn’t depending on it anymore.
It didn’t take long, and there were noteable changes to my health too. No more „smoker’s cough“, my chronic sinusitis got better, so did my condition altogether.
I am not even tempted to have a tobacco cigarette, haven’t been since the day I changed to vaping.
Starting with 12 mg nicotine in my e-juice, I’m on 6 mg nic now and began to mix my own since I got myself an iStick 40W with a Nautilus. I’m still using the older devices, plan to expand my collection a little though.
Apart from the money I could save during the year, the main reason for me was my health. I didn’t want to get another set of surgeries done in a few years, and vaping offered me a less harmful alternative and still lets me enjoy the different flavors, lets me keep the pleasure of blowing out my clouds without endangering me and my environment the way it did before.
After switching from tobacco to vapour, I didn’t gain any weight (a thought that concerns a lot of girls I heard) and my health is better. I can smell and taste more intense, less colds, no cough in the late evening or early morning.
There is a number of pubs and cafes in my city that allow indoor vaping, so I can have my coffee or my drink and puff away without having to go outside. Very convenient.
My nonsmoking friends don’t have to deal with the smoke stink anymore, my cats don’t run off when I blow a cloud now and I don’t have to worry to cause them any troubles from my exhaled smoke.
All in all, I am never changing back.
Vape on! 🙂