Just under a year ago a young work colleague came up to me with what looked Like a pen.We started chatting and suddenly he raised this pen to his lips and started sucking.At first glance it appeared that he was actually smoking this pen like object.Then it struck me.“Who are you trying to fool?You may as well carry on smoking“I said.The young lad smiled and inhaled once again in an arrogant manner that reminded me of myself twenty years ago.“I’m trying to quit and save money“,he replied.It’s important to note that at this moment in time I was probably on about 40 roll your own a day and had absolutely NO intention of quitting.As he exhaled I suddenly felt the need for a smoke.I was about to carry on with my work duties when he concluded,“these things still contain nicotine.They are an alternative to fags,you know“…Suddenly it was like a switch was flicked inside my mind.Nicotine.Thats what had stopped me quitting in the past.These things contain nicotine?..Could they work for me? To cut this story short and fast forwarding ten months later I’m still tobacco free,and proud to say a non smoker and even prouder to say I vape.