I started vaping because i thought it would be cheaper than smoking plain and simple. At the point in my life i started the health risks of smoking vs vaping didnt really bother me,I was on a tear up and doing stuff that i knew would do more harm than either. In fact i was a doubter about it being safer altogether but the fact i thought it was cheaper than a pouch of baccy sold it to me.

I’ve been a vaper for just over a year,if it wernt for finding this place and it turning from a nic delivery system into a hobby im not sure id have stuck with it. thats not saying i wouldnt have just saying im not sure,this place sells vaping like the corner shops sells fags,read from that what you will

I consider myself an ex smoker.

How has it effected me? Well its given me a real bad case of dandruff in my beard if i forget to drink enough fluids but on the plus side i can run up stairs without getting breathless and me and my clothes no longer smell of fags.
oh its also given me some outstanding dreams