I am 52 years old Hamburg Resident born in the South of Germany, who wants to tell his story to the world.
I do this, because Vaping has saved my life, and I want to testify therefor to help other smokers, who are betrayed by the Tobacco Industry and certain Health Organisations.
Since this is an international site, i write in English (as good as I can).

I started smoking with 12 during my Time at an Internat in South Germany.
There was much older Kids there, and I was a very angry Kid at that time.

With 15 I started to smoke weed as well, very fast on a daily basis up to around 28. Up to that age I had several tries till I managed to stop smoking. Since I felt the damage for my health, and just didn´t like it anymore, I did a week long fasting only on water, which helped me in addition to the religious Fate of mine.
It wasn´t easy, but I was free at last.

When I grew around 32, things changed. I had a boring job, and missed the weed (not the smoking), so i decided to smoke some joints again.
Very fast normal Cigarettes followed, so I was a heavy smoker again after some weeks.
From this time on I could not stop again anyhow. I tried it with fasting again, but I didn´t manage one full day smokefree. Other trys endet even faster.

At the Age of 35, my first daughter was born. Before I had promised my wife to stop smoking (she hated it, and we had a lot of fights because smoking).
But I just could not do it, it felt much harder than the first time I tried.
4 years later my second daughter was born, and I did still smoke as before.

After 2 more years my wife divorced me because of smoking, she said she just
can´t take it no more.
That was the time, I gave up trying to stop smoking. I took it as my fate, which I accepted after all. From then on I smoked about one Packet of Tobacco per day, which means about 40-50 cigarettes a day. Plus some Joints of weed per day, of course.
My health went noticeable worse, I couldn´t breath well, made some noises and could not inhale deep anymore. My Feet and hands was not well supplied with blood, and I had dumb feelings and some chances in the skin colour. I put that on smoking, and my doktor too.
With the years I started the days coughing some minutes, before I did my usual 5+ cigarettes plus coffee for breakfast.
Summer this year at the age of 51 I got severe Pains in my breast, and did coughing blood. Luckily the hospital I went diagnosed no cancer, only a Pneumonia. The first day in hospital I could not smoke, because I was at a separation room. They gave me nicotine patches plus a serious warning to stop smoking.
I tried to stay on a reduced base for two days, after then I started even to smoke weed again in the hospital.
The very nice Doctor looked very worried at me, so I nearly cried, when the last day at hospital came, and I realized that no patches or Doctors could help me to stop smoking. I was devasted then.

After I came home, and had time to think it through, I remembered a friend on the internet, who told me he quit smoking through vaping.
I had heard about that earlier, and tested a cigalike vape pen some time before. But it didn´t taste, needed new expensive cartouches often, and didn´t gave me a type of smoking sensation, so I dumped it for good.
My friend told me, the market had improved a lot since then, and gave me some tips, what to look for.
The next day I decided to give it a try, and went on a shopping tour. The first two shops wasn´t very inviting, so I went on, and came to a shop with a young, friendly vaper, whom I told my wishes, and who told me a lot about how to start vaping.

I left the shop with a complete set plus liquids and bases for self mixing liquids.
2 hours before I went there, I smoked my last cigarette, and thats what it was. I started with the very strong 18mg/ml nicotine liquids, and anytime the urge for smoking came on me, i took some heavy vapes, which took it away for some time.

After the first two days without big problems, I was so sure that this will do for the future, that I didn´t mind smoking a Joint every evening, as I knew, this will not bring me back to normal cigarettes..
Interestingly my urge for weed vanished as well, since I very soon didn´t like the taste of smoking any more. Nowadays I still like the smell and feeling of weed, but I stopped it completely since now more than 2 month. I learned about vaping weed, so I might start it that way later on again, that to say.

Nowadays I read as much as I can about vaping, both politics and in social media.
And I take it as a hobby, to find new tastes of liquids, and mix them myself.
When my first Vaporpipe fell down and broke, I panic and smoke 3 cigarettes, which didn´t taste at all, so I went and bought a new vapeset.

Since then I didn´t smoke anything, no cigarettes, no Joints. And I don´t feel, I miss something, the opposite is true, I won a whole new universe of taste.

My health hast vastly improved, no more coughing at all, I can breath in deep, and I try to walk as much as possible, to improve on my mobility. Before 1-2 kilometers made my coughing, now I do 5-10 kilometers a day without any problems (messure that on my handy). Since also smel came back, I enjoy the tastes of vaping even more, and I can smell a smoker on big distance.
Nowadasy I understand my wife and my children. Just smoking in an extra room, wont stop the smell. Only I didn´t smell it before.
My big daughter (now 17 years old) told me, that this is the biggest thing I could do for her. She hated smoking as her mother, but we have and had always a very close relation. So he suffered a lot before, the more happy she ist now.
So lets come to my conclusion:

I actually vape only with 6mg/ml and mostly a coffee-vanilla taste. I tried it also without, but I missed taste and vaped even more, so I went back on 6mg nicotine again. I am feeling better than ever, and even I don’t eat more and grow fat, as it usally happens when stop smoking. Finally, I am absolutely sure to never smoke again. Hurray

One Comment on Politics:
I am ready to stand for this testimonial whenever its necessary and will help the cause of getting vaping more accepted as a proven way für stop or greatly reduce smoking.
I have learned that nowadays there are about 26mio vapors in Europe. Of which some vape for up to ten years. Never have I heard from vape-related harms, in opposition to well proven harms from tobacco Products.
Some „Experts“ say, there are no long time studies. Just ask the people, who actually use it, if you want to learn more. They are living studies, for those who care to see.
For more information, you can contact me, I am happy to help, what I can.
n8breeze aka Gerhard