Mollie J Jacques

Started smoking at about 11, smoking occasionally until 15, then took up a pack a day habit, which by my 30’s was a two plus pack a day habit. I quit cold turkey…four times…. tried the gum, and would smoke while chewing, tried the patch, kept smoking, tried acupunture, hypnotism, every available ‚drug‘ I could find at the pharmacy to help me quit…kept smoking…I gave up trying to quit and accepted that I would be a smoker until I died. Then.. I ‚Won‘ a vape pen in a charity raffle, and figured I’d try it out, maybe it would help me at least cut back on cigarettes, six months later, once I found the right levels of equipment, I stopped smoking completely, it has been 2.5 years since I’ve had a cigarette, longest time by far of any of my previous quits, the longest of those being a paltry 2 months of desperately wanting a cigarette, now, no cravings for them at all, the thought of having one does not interest me.