Miss Peggy

4 and a bit years ago I was about to hit 50 and had smoked for over 30 years. I had the beginnings of COPD, I stank, the car stank and it was costing me a fortune (3 – 4oz rollie baccy/week). I had been through all the NHS stuff to no effect.

Someting Had To Be Done

What I had to overcome first was the fear of how I could possibly live without smoking.This, I think, is the nature of any addiction. It is killing you but you can’t imagine living without it.

My sister mentioned someting called ‚Greensmoke‘ a friend of hers had so I investigated and found the similar but slightly cheaper ‚Skycig‘. I could tell it had something, just not quite enough.
Eventually got a mod, cartos & high nic juice and have followed the conventional (non sub ohm) since. I haven’t touched a cigarette since my 50th birthday.

Whilst still addicted to the nicotine, I now breathe easily, don’t stink (hopefully) and, despite odd bouts of shinyitis and the eternal quest for the perfect ADV, have a much healthier bank balance.

I plan to vape on as it my one remaining sinful pleasure. I gave up drinking 15 years ago and the expanding waistline means food has to be limited. As for the other…we’ll leave it there…