Mick Curry

My primary reason for starting to vape was cost! 40-60 embassy no1s a day @ £9 a pack was getting expensive.
I started with a crappy ego starter kit from a dodgy B&M almost 2 years ago now!
I immediately saw the potential and started to YouTube and read all that I could about it! Within a week my ego set had given up the ghost so I bought a vamo v3 and a Kanger tank!
Overtime my nic level has dropped to 3mg and I have lots of kit. I used to collect Zippo’s and other smoking paraphernalia but, vaping has much cooler stuff to collect! I feel healthier as a bonus side effect and have lost 4 stone since starting vaping and hope to do a 10K run in November. I have helped countless friends kick the habit via vaping and believe it could possibly be the biggest public health breakthrough since penicillin!
Thanks to all for all the advice I have been given and let’s keep up the fight and trounce smoking out of existence

Mick Curry
Loughborough, UK