Matthew Stannard

About three years ago I was a smoker and one day I had an uncomfortable feeling in my chest that wouldn’t go away. It was accompanied by pains in one arm. Eventually I called an ambulance and was carted off to hospital. I got chatting with the paramedic in the ambulance, who told me how he had conquered smoking instantaneously with a vaping device, which he wore on a lanyard round his neck. The hospital confirmed that I had had a heart attack and warned me to keep taking the medication and to stop smoking. The doctor also advised that it was OK to have sex after a heart attack, but just to remember to close the ambulance door. (An old joke). When I got home I obtained and started using a vaping device like the one round the paramedic’s neck. I’ve never since craved a cigarette. At my next medical check-up, my blood pressure was normal and I’ve had no more heart problems. Would that have been so had I carried on smoking? I don’t think so. I owe my life to that paramedic – not simply for taking me to hospital, but for giving me the information that is still saving my life.