I would like to say vaping has helped me in so many diffent ways. First off it made me able to get off of smoking cigarettes and I was smoking for 8ish years. I tried every thing I could to quit from the gum too going to the doctor for something to quit. Witch I had bad dreams and really bad depression from too.. Vaping helped me more then those shit ways of quiting. My family doctor even told me to try vaping to quit. Idk what I would do with out vaping because it makes me feel better. I can breath and I am not killing people around me when I am not working. Now that I told you my story I would like to tell you the story about my grampa he started smoking when he was 12… The doctor told him he would die if he kept smoking. So I bought him a ecig to get him off ciggerets and he’s in his 90. I never saw him so happy to get off those death sticks! His lungs are doing great now he is off of those and his family gets to have him around for some more years.