Matt H

I was a heavy smoker of 35 years which brought about asthma and chronic bronchitis, but I carried on smoking.
I then developed COPD and a permanent cough, but still, I carried on smoking. An infection, which smoking agrivated, took half of a lung but guess what? I still carried on smoking!
I knew, for certain, that I was literally smoking myself to death, but no matter what NRT I tried, I couldnt stop smoking cigarettes.
Then a year ago, I was gifted an electronic cigarette with a box of juice and I havent smoked a cigarette since that day!
A year later, I now consider myself a non smoker. My health has improved, my asthma and bronchitis are 90% better and I can breath properly for the first time in years.
I honestly believe that e-cigarettes have saved my life.

Matt. H