Mariah Meyers

I started smoking cigarettes at the age of 13, by sixteen I was smoking a pack a day, and by 18 I was to 2 packs a day, I thought that it was just something destined to be a part of me forever,I was rather fond of my cigarettes and was never looking to quit, then about 2 years ago I was introduced to vaping,I never intended it to replace cigarettes, just more as a supplement to get me by while I was in buildings and to avoid going into the cold for a smoke,i started off with a ego battery and a small kangertech pro tank and the nicotine level in my juice as high as the shop would allow me to get(usually 30-32mg),I was still smoking then too but 2 packs a day had dropped to a half a pack,then I upgraded my tank and my nicotine dropped to 26 mg and I was down to smoking about 8 ciggaretes a day,then I upgraded my tank again to a sub ohm tank and my nicotine level dropped again this time to 18 and about 2-5 ciggarettes a day,then I upgraded my battery to a mechanical tube mod,my nicotine plummeted to 12-10 mg and I could go days without a ciggarette,now to the here and now, I’ve upgraded to an rta (rebuildable tank atomizer)and a 50 watt box mod,I now have not touched one ciggarette in 6 months,I am down to only 3-6 mg of nicotine and I have never felt better,my sense of smell and taste are back and better than I can ever remember them being,i have not had bronchitis,sinunitis,or upper respiratory infection in a long time (used to be an all the time thing with me),my teeth are whiter,I smell better,my skin looks better,me hair looks better, I cannot thank the man who introduced me to vaping enough! It has changed my life and health in so many positive ways