I started smoking at 14 (I’m 51 in October) because it was “cool“
Met my first husband who knew I smoked but wasn’t “allowed“ to smoke in the house or car,he did everything he could to get me to stop which made me smoke even more (‚m a stubborn cow)
Got pregnant with my daughter and cut right down,never smoked round her.

Fast forward 20 years,met my son’s dad who was a smoker,got pregnant and once again cut down and never smoked in the same room as baby.

Fast forward another 10 years,met my soon -to-be-ex husband,he smokes but kept telling me that he’d give up drinking if I quit smoking,by now I was a forty a day smoker! What he soon realised was the more I was told that I was smoking too much,the more I smoked!

I had chest infection after chest infection and my cough gradually got worse every year. I couldn’t climb a hill or ride a bike without coughing and panting like a steam train!

One day he said to me about these “e-cigs“ that “all the guys at work use,so they can “smoke“ whilst working“,we went to what was to become one of my favourite B&Ms and he bought an evod setup and some juice.

I was intrigued enough to ask to try it,coughed my lungs up the first time!

Anyway,I bought a £9.99 ego setup from a cheap indoor market and thought it would be good if I ran out of baccy or to help me cut down.

One day,he was at work and had the pouch of baccy with him (he dual fuelled) I ran out and used my ego for the day,by the time he got home from work,I didn’t even think about grabbing the baccy off of him!

I went and bought an itaste vv V3 and and T3S tank and started my “real“ journey.

18 months later I’m on the coolfire 4/nautilus mini/istick 30/nautilus mini/istick 40/subtank and enjoying every cloud.

My cough has gone,my chest is clear,I’ve not had a chest infection in the whole 18 months I’ve been vaping.And had one flu type virus that wiped all of us out at work one by one.

Three or four days a week I cycle 6 miles to and from work,I couldn’t have done that whilst smoking,yesterday I did a 15 mile cycle ride which is the furthest I’ve EVER cycled!

Because of this,I’ve also lost weight!!!!!

And people tell me that “using that stuff is bad for you“!!!!!!!!!!
Do I feel healthier/fitter? Hell,yeah!
Am I glad I switched? Hell yeah!
Is it cheaper than smoking? It can be if you stay away from PoTV!!!! But it wouldn’t be nearly so much fun!