Smoked for a couple years and has dabbled with a standard pen type device once and had no luck so carried on with the stinkies, my mum had managed to quit on one of them after finding out about several health issues shed developed as a result of smoking but I had no luck.
In February this year we found out that she had terminal lung cancer as a direct result of the 25+ years of smoking and the switch to vaping just slowed the process down a bit.
When she passed on the 6th March this year I vowed to never touch a cigarette again and since then I haven’t. Ordered a eleaf 50w and sub tank mini and loved it, completely changed my mind about smoking. Also with the birth of my son I didn’t want to put him through what I had to go through because of smoking.
Couple months down the line I’m now on an xcube two and an el cabron rocking at 130w chucking out clouds and not looking back