Liz Lilith Jamieson

Let me start my vaping story with this bizzare but true statement. I did not want to quit smoking! There I said it, I was hooked on those nasty smelly sticks litterly burning my money away, I was that obnoxious person who smoked outside of the vape shop, lit up whenever I saw a no smoking sign and smoked more on national no smoking day then I did for the three days before and after. So how did I become a vaper? My mother brought a little evod and every now and then she would pass me me and say “ Have a go on that Liz.“ So I would, after 6 months I discovered that I quiet liked the taste of some of them, my step dad had started using one, my grand mother was looking at them, mums best friend had one and two people I knew had one. Simply I did not want to be left out tongue emoticon So I went in brought an evod starter kit, smoked all the baccy I had left then went a week using this ‚pen‘ as my mother called it, went to a weekly meeting had a ciggy and almost threw up, I could feel the smoke almost clinging to me. When I went home that night my pets avoided me, my skin was greasy and I couldn’t shift that taste in my mouth, Since then with the exception of half a ciggy when I was super duper end of the world stressed out I have been vaping for a year and a half and I am working on reducing my nicoteen strenghts too. I’ve used the money I’ve saved from smoking on some really cool art work and most recently a fish tank. My house smells nice and as I’m using key lime pie people joke I carry around my own air freshern grin emoticon I started vaping with no intention of quitting and now I can’t ever imagine smoking again