Linda Reid

I began smoking cigarettes at the age of 13 just to be with the „in crowd“. I can honestly say that I never smoked because I liked the taste of tobacco, I just needed my nicotine hit.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and has a mastectomy on the 21st January 2009. There were complications with my surgery and I contracted septicaemia. I’d say that during this time and for a couple of years after that, I tried virtually every nicotine replacement therapy so help me quit smoking, hypnotherapy, NRT patches, NRT gums and sprays, I didn’t want to use Champix as I know of many people who have used them and had very bad side effects with them.

On the 22nd June 2012, my son told me about e-cigarettes, he told me he had been using his for 3 weeks, without having one urge for a traditional cigarette. So, I ordered one from the company he had purchased his from. I had 2 cigarettes left in my pack, and I placed my order on the Friday and was hoping that it would come through the post on the Saturday, so I didn’t have to buy another couple of packs of cigarettes, but, it did turn up on the Saturday, I kept my 2 cigarettes for a while in case I didn’t get on with vaping but eventually threw them away.

Just before I had ordered my first ever kit, I was getting severe pains in my left ear, and a feeling which I can only equate to the pain reaching the top of my head which felt like ice. This had been happening for several weeks. I’d seen my doctor, had 2 courses of anti-biotics and 1 course of penicillin, during which time my doctor had made an appointment for me to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

I saw the specialist 3 days after I had received my vaping kit. I went to see the specialist. I didn’t mention the vaping kit. He used an endescope to take a look at my throat (not my ear), and said „I can’t treat you, your throat is so badly smoke damaged that if you don’t quit smoking, the pains will become worse, I would lose my voice and the worst case scenario was throat cancer. I was really shocked. He asked me to stop smoking and come back to see him in 12 weeks‘ time. He made a remark which made me sit up and take notice, he said „most people don’t come back, because they just can’t quit the habit“.

12 weeks later I returned, I still didn’t mention my vaping kit. Another endoscopy was carried out, and he congratulated me saying „if only all my patients would listen to me and stop smoking….well done“. He said there was still away to go, so could I go back in another 12 weeks. I carried on vaping, and returned 12 weeks later, he carried out a further endoscopy and said „well, I don’t believe it but you’re discharged and I won’t have to treat you again unless you begin smoking“.

I then opened my back and showed him my eGo 650mAh battery and clearomizer, and said I started using this the weekend before my appointment with you, he was astonished, he said he had heard of electronic cigarettes, but hadn’t seen one, he wanted as much information as me and my husband Rob could give him, what he was going to find out is if he could prescribe them to patients as an aid to quit smoking….we believe he’s still fighting the cause. Vaping saved my life, I haven’t touched another cigarette since the 23rd June 2012, I started vaping at 36mgs and I’ve now cut down to 18mgs, which I’m more than happy with, I also find that I don’t vape as much as I used to.

I feel so much better in myself, I see no negatives in vaping whatsoever, except for the people who make their own e-liquid and sell it on market stalls and car boot sales for £0.99 per bottle, I mean, what’s in that stuff?

I don’t have to buy extra tooth whitener, no extra smellies for the house, washing my hair every day, always having the washing machine on because my clothes stunk of tar and all the other 4000+ horrid things which go into making a cigarette. I don’t buy lighters, ashtrays, extra air freshener, I’ve saved about £6,500 which is not to be sniffed at – my initial outlay was £40, and my kit had paid for itself in less than 5 days. E-cigarettes should be used in hospitals for people who are bedridden, in fact I’d go so far as to say smoking should be banned, it kills 5 million peopl globally every year, so since I started approximately 17 million people will have died, there’s nothing else on the market that does this, why are big tobacco even involved in the vaping industry, they’re happy to be killing everyone who smokes on one hand and holding out a cure with the other – morals and ethics don’t exist in the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries! – Linda