Hi guys this is my story.. its definitely not as good as some of these but here we go…

I have been smoking for 14 years on and off (mostly on). Tried quitting many times, cold turkey worked for a bit then back to the ciggies (I remember a time sitting in the car with my boyfriend literally on the edge of tears and him saying „for gods sake lets just go to the shop“ and back on the cigs I go, tried cig a likes and the ego set up but again they never worked so back on the cigs I go, I’m diabetic so I’m always being advised to quit! Then 3 weeks ago I decided the money I was spending on cigs was just TOO much (£150+) a month was ridiculous. I went to a wedding where 50% of the people were vaping and spoke to a friend about hers. The next day I went into a local vape shop and purchased a cool fire 4 with a nautilus mini – not looked back since. About a week in and I had a drag (well half) on a friends cig, the taste was horrible, which really surprised me!!! Dont think I will ever go back to cigarettes, now when I smell them it repulses me, I really enjoyed smoking but now I LOVE vaping. Whats even better after a week of vaping and raving about it to my mum she decided to get one too (she too has failed at quitting many times). Now we are both ex smokers and very happy vapers! She can’t believe the difference it has made and we both comment on the joy it has given us even in this short time. I never thought I would get of the cigs as I used to really enjoy it but with the help of kind forum users and working together with my mum this has been a very enjoyable transition and I’m never looking back. Tomorrow marks 3 weeks without cigs and I’ve never been happier.

Sorry if it warbles, but that’s about it

Laura, 30, Nottingham